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Ace Wins All - Card Games


One of the most classic card game of all, and with one simple rule: Ace wins all. Now with online multiplayer! In Ace Wins All, your memory is your main weapon. Collect more cards than your opponent by either matching pairs or laying down an ace (to collect the whole bunch of cards on the table!), but keep track of what’s been played to stay ahead of the game! A perfect way to spend your spare time at home relaxing or on the go, commuting.A great game for kids and adults alike - challenging enough for advanced players and a great way to teach younger ones some simple math and memory skills. Get it now for free, unlock achievements and beat your friends on the exclusive leaderboard.And do not miss on our La Scopa and La Briscola to have a complete classic card game suit on your Android phone and tablet!Ace Wins All features:- Online multiplayer: play with friends and other players all over the world- Choose your level: 3 difficulty modes against the computer (A.I. artificial intelligence)- Choose your deck: Ace Wins All got all the original Italian regional decks (Napoletane, Siciliane, Piacentine, Piemontesi, Triestine and more) plus the classic Poker cards (French deck), in high resolution that will look astonishing on your Android phone and tablet! - Fun Google Play achievements to unlock- Be part of the Global High-Score (Leaderboard): there’s one for each difficulty level
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